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Scheduling Consultations and follow up with Dr. Brackebusch

Dr. Brackebusch sees patients in the office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We schedule office procedures on those days. We usually schedule her surgeries on Thursday. 


Scheduling Hearing Tests and Hearing Aid Consultations with our Audiologist

Susan Detels sees patients in the office normally on Monday and Friday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. We schedule hearing tests and hearing aid consultations during those times. We provide comprehensive hearing tests along with a wide range of hearing aids, earplugs for noise control and for swimming. 


Emergency Service

After regular office hours, we provide 24 hour on call coverage. Patients can call our office and listen to the message on the machine for instructions. 



If you need a new prescription called into your pharmacy, please call our office by 1:00PM to allow time to check with the doctor. For refills, please call your pharmacy. Prescription calls received after 1:00PM may need to be addressed on our next business day.


Surgeries and Diagnostic Testing

If you are going to have surgery, please allow one to three weeks for this to be scheduled. If you are going to have lab work or an MRI or CT done, please allow three days before calling for results.