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Welcome to Oregon Ear, Nose and Throat, PC






      Our clinic helps the community in Eugene, OR and the surrounding area with problems regarding, ear, nose and throat issues. Our kind and courteous staff will assist you with your concerns and make arrangements for an appointment to see our physician for quality and professional health care.  

      Whether you may be experiencing hearing loss, sinus problems, thyroid problems or throat issues, Oregon Ear, Nose and Throat PC will help and provide you with attentive, considerate care. There are solutions to your problems and we will offer you the specialized help you need to resolve your difficulties. You are in safe and experienced hands with Oregon Ear, Nose and Throat PC. 


What does an Otolaryngologist do?

A board certified otolaryngologist has been trained in medical and surgical skills to treat the following areas of the head and neck including:
Skin and Face
Skin cancer treatment, nasal surgery and sinus surgery.
Medical and surgical treatment of ear infections and chronic ear disease, repairing external ear deformities, treating hearing loss, treating balance disorders and performing hearing tests. Hearing aids are also dispensed.
Surgery of the oral cavity including the tonsils.
Throat and Voice Box
Swallowing and breathing problems, throat infections, tumors, birth defects, speech and voice diagnostics and therapy.
Surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, saliva-producing glands, and other neck tumors/cancer.